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First FFF Radio-Surgery Treatment in India @Geetanjali Cancer Centre, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Nuking cancers spot-ON in 2-5mts

Geetanjali cancer center believes in pushing beyond conventional boundaries by taking lead in Radiosurgery and bringing excellence home to the Right patient at right cost.

Normal radiation therapy delivered with curative intent will be over a period of 6-7wks. With Flat beam radiosurgery using ROBOTICS one can shrink this 6-7wks treatment to single treatment session for brain tumors ( Stereotactic Radiosurgery) and 3-5 treatment sessions for extracranial cancers of Lung, Liver, pancreas, spine, prostate etc. ( Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy – SBRT).

FFF (Unflat beam) Radiosurgery involves the usage of highly advanced radiation tools which focusses on decreasing the time patient spends on the machine table.

According to Director of Radiosurgery, Dr.Shankar FFF radiosurgery has several advantages as mentioned below:

  • Treatment is completed in 2-5mts.
  • As patient spends less time on the table, there will be less movement of the patients thus leading lower errors during treatment and securing unparalleled quality care.
  • More efficacious than normal radiosurgery techniques as extreme surgical doses are produced inside the cancer tissue while protecting the normal structures leading theoretically to better cancer control rate. ( For eg: Lung cancer success rate is 90%)

Geetanjali Cancer center, Udaipuris the first center in the country to start FFF Radiosurgery and so far successfully completed treatments of brain Tumors, Spine tumors, Lung cancer, Pancreas cancer and Prostate cancer.